Top 3 Fireworks Displays in the UK

Every year from October to December, the skies are filled with colourful displays from rockets, Catherine wheels, roman candles and more. But, fireworks aren’t just for a specific time of year, they can be used for birthdays, celebrations and events so why not buy your fireworks online to receive all year round.

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Watch the video below to see what you can have on your night:

Mary St. Ottery, Devon

This event has often been described as ‘the ultimate bonfire night party’ which suggests it has everything you need to have fun. The tradition goes back 100 years where flaming barrels of tar are lugged around on the local’s backs and are lit at popular pubs and hotels. More information.

The event consists of a 35 foot bonfire with a fireworks display and the odd occasion of a funfair being set up in the same grounds. You can bring the entire family and it is ensured that you will all have a good time. See: Festival Accommodation.

Battel Bonfire Boyes

This firework tradition goes back 350 years, where a parade tour around the town centre and over 30 local bonfire societies join in, all wearing fancy dress. At the end of the evening you can enjoy a large bonfire to warm yourself up and watch the stunning display of fireworks. Continue reading.

Blackheath Fireworks Display, London

Blackheath, one of London’s biggest and loudest displays. Although the display is only 30 minutes long, it lights up the entire sky of Greenwich and Lewisham in all colours, shapes and effects. Find out more.

The display is configured with music that has been specially created for this event and shots of colour and noise are shot up into the sky. Get your directions.

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